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  • Post Why Do I Need A Prescription to Buy a CPAP Machine?

    …are here to help! We can direct you to which machine and supplies would be best based on your doctor’s prescription, and walk you through how to use your equipment….

  • Post Why do I Need a Prescription to Get CPAP and Supplies?

    …sale requires a medical prescription. While the process for obtaining a prescription (not to mention insurance approval) for CPAP and supplies can be burdensome, working with a healthcare provider to

  • Post JAMA Study Highlights Concerns About Buying Used CPAPs on Craiglist

    …the patients. For example, Medicare pays for CPAP on a rental basis for three months and then requires proof of the patient’s usage before they will continue to pay for

  • Buy CPAP Machines & Supplies

    …We need a prescription from your doctor to provide a CPAP machine, mask or supplies. The first step is for your physician to send an prescription to us. Your doctor…

  • Post Can I take a sleep aid (or sleeping pill) before my sleep study?

    …sleeping patterns. It is common for some patients to take sleeping pills to help achieve the goals of the study.  Points to consider before taking a sleeping aid before your…

  • Post Sleep Trigger Found in Mice May Help Treat Insomnia in Humans

    …able to activate and suppress activity in the VTA of humans could allow for targeted drug treatments for insomnia. There may also be potential to treat other neurological conditions such as…

  • Resource Service Request Form (Prescription)

    This Service Rquest Form (SRF) or prescription form, can be used by referring physicians to refer PPO, Medicare or cash patients for Home Sleep Apnea Testing (HST), In-Center Sleep Testing,…

  • Customer Reviews

    …let alone become accustomed to using the machine at home. She chose the right mask and air settings to allow me to sleep with the machine for the second half…

  • Post Where Can I Sell or Donate My Used CPAP Equipment (machine & supplies)?

    …and pay for shipping as well. Contact via email or phone: or call toll free 855-263-7373.  How to Donate: Contact Mark Seager, Respiratory Therapist at Advocates for World Health (…

  • Post Recall of Certain Philips PAP Devices

    to your physician. Philips recognizes that alternate ventilator options for therapy may not exist or may be severely limited for patients who require a ventilator for life-sustaining therapy, or in…

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